Invest in ad campaigns that works

ASATools will help you to measure Apple Search Ads campaigns effectiveness

Campaigns, ad groups, and keyword level earnings analytics

Apple Search Ads dashboards do not show you earnings from your ad campaigns. ASATools will do it. Knowing LTV per install will allow you to adjust CPT/CPI bids for maximizing your ROI.

Get insights from combined ad conversion and payment data

Knowing revenue per keyword and impression to install conversion will allow you to find the right keywords to invest in ASO and improve your search ads and organic traffic.

    "asa_campaign_name": "MyAppName US",
    "asa_ad_group_name": "Branded Keywords",
    "asa_keyword_name": "my app name",
    "asa_store_country": "US"

Pass attribution data to your product analytics

Analyze and compare users behavior from different campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. Tutorial completion, retention rate, sessions length. Anything you need.

Single line SDK integration

That’s all you need to add to your code to measure campaigns effectiveness.

ASATools.instance.attribute(apiToken: "your_token_here") { response, error in
  /* (optional) pass attribution
     info to your product analytics */

iOS 14.5 (and later) compatible

We would not show your users ATT popup. All attribution information will be available without it.

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