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The key to successful ASA is bid optimization on a keyword level.
We provide everything you'll need to achieve it.

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Keyword level earnings analytics

Apple Search Ads dashboards do not show you earnings from your ad campaigns. ASATools will do it. We support in-app purchases and subscriptions and do not need third-party services.

We support subscriptions

You will see all subscriptions statuses and predicted income. Predictions are based on your app's historical data for every country.

ASATools.instance.attribute(apiToken: "foobar")

Single line SDK integration

That’s all you need to add to your code to measure campaigns effectiveness.

No ATT alert required

To attribute Apple Search Ads we don't need to ask users to allow their to track. We will do everything without it.

    "asa_campaign_name": "MyAppName US",
    "asa_ad_group_name": "Branded Keywords",
    "asa_keyword_name": "my app name",
    "asa_store_country": "US",
    "asa_custom_product_page": null

On-device attribution

You will receive all attribution info in SDK response. It can be passed to your product analytics or used for on-device customization.

SKAG Management

We provide tools for creating and managing SKAG campaigns, which will allow you to get precise targeting for similar keywords.

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30 days trial - No card required
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