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We will show income and ROAS on a keyword level

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Keyword level earnings analytics

Apple Search Ads dashboards do not show you earnings from your ad campaigns. ASATools will do it. We support in-app purchases and subscriptions and do not need third-party services.

Subscription status reports

For every keyword, you will see trial starts, conversion to paying customers, cancelations, billing issues, and refunds. We will also show predicted income for every subscription.

ASATools.instance.attribute(apiToken: "your_token_here") { response, error in
  /* (optional) pass attribution
     info to your product analytics */

Single line SDK integration

That’s all you need to add to your code to measure campaigns effectiveness.

No ATT alert required

To attribute Apple Search Ads we don't need to ask users to allow their to track. We will do everything without it.

    "asa_campaign_name": "MyAppName US",
    "asa_ad_group_name": "Branded Keywords",
    "asa_keyword_name": "my app name",
    "asa_store_country": "US",
    "asa_custom_product_page": null

Detailed install source

You can pass install source information to your product analytics and analyze user behavior by campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and custom product pages.

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