SKAG Management

In Apple Search Ads even if you add a keyword as an exact match, apple will show it for a specific term and its close variants, like common misspellings and plurals.

Imagine you want to advertise the keyword: "photo edit free". As you can see from the documentation on the link above, Search Ads will also be shown for the keywords "photo editor free" and "photoeditfree". This makes it harder to control bids and get analytics on a keyword level.

If you want precise targeting, you can use SKAG structure. SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group) is a campaign structure where you create a separate ad group for every keyword and place all other keywords in negative keywords on an ad group level.

skag structure schema

This structure is challenging to maintain manually, which is why in ASATools, we've automated this process. You can upload a list of keywords, select CPT/CPA bids, and we will create a separate ad group for every keyword for you. Then, we will scan search terms reports multiple times a day. Once we find a search term that doesn't match your target keyword, there will be two possible actions:

  • If it is not presented in a campaign as a target keyword, we will notify you by email, and you'll be able to choose whether you want to create a separate ad group for it or add it as a negative keyword.
  • If it is presented in a campaign as a target keyword in a different ad group, we will automatically add it as a negative keyword to the ad group where it was found.

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